Our Trinity Logo Explained



The  Look. The angular building is simplified in color and design, but clearly reflects Trinity’s roof line. Don’t you see Trinity’s unique building?

Rays of Light. God’s light, the light of Christ enters the sanctuary and leaves through the cross; the three rays represent the Trinity. We WORSHIP together in this building – we seek the light of Christ, we experience the light of Christ, we proclaim and share and spread the light of Christ.

An Oval represents the global nature of our mission. Mt 28:20 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them everything that I have command you.” We witness and serve the needs of others around the world.

Arc Wrapping the Oval: The band accents the light from heaven penetrating the sanctuary and it ties the green earth and blue sky together. The band sweeps around the design, representing the Holy Spirit, God’s power sweeping through the world inspiring us, equipping us,  and moving us. The arc is not a static circle, closed in, bound, but rather is open on the right side.  God's Spirit is in motion, open, breathing and moving, refreshing and regenerating us.

Images of Light remind us of I John 1:7  If we walk in the light as he himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin. FELLOWSHIP is developing relationships united in Christ and sharing community, sharing concern and nurture with one another. We walk in the light of Christ with one another, for one another.

Green represents life. The design hints at the green grass and sidewalk leading up to Trinity’s doors. Green is the color of the Pentecost season as we grow in faith and service.

The Cross is in a central position on the building, illustrating that the center, the balance and support of our church is Christ. We are a Christ- centered church.

The Cross Extends downward, inferring the sidewalks outside our doors. Think of the sign at end of our sidewalk right here beside our sanctuary: “You are now entering the mission field.”

The sidewalk works two directions, it brings people into the church – and leads them back out. We are to bring people into the church, into church membership AND bring them to Christ, bring them into a life saving, life giving relationship (EVANGELISM), we are to build them up to Christian maturity (DISCIPLESHIP), and send them out in service to the world (MISSIONS- SERVICE -WITNESS)

OUR VISON STATEMENT: If we pursue those dreams, what will Trinity BE?  What will we look like and live like? 

Trinity: A Community of Faith Seeking and Sharing the Light of Christ in Service to the World

We have a diverse congregation; our agendas often compete and our views and desires differ. Some people just want to belong to our church family and be nurtured. We are COMMUNITY and to them that’s enough. That’s all they want or all they can handle. We need fellowship programs and we need ministries by which we nurture one another, care for one another.

But we are A COMMUNITY OF FAITH – we are not just a civic club or a humanitarian organization. Our faith in God through Jesus Christ is what unites us.  We need Christian Education, we need to learn the Bible, and how to become more like Christ, how to become more mature in our Christian walk and service. We are a community of FAITH, a growing faith, a searching faith, freedom to seek and discover; providing means to grow and seek and discover.

So we are a Community of faith SEEKING THE LIGHT OF CHRIST - who is Jesus, what does that mean for us, how are we to live for Jesus, with Jesus, in Jesus? How do we walk in the light that brings fellowship and the cleansing blood of Jesus? We are called to SHARE THE LIGHT OF CHRIST with others that they, too, may know and follow Jesus.

But read on, We are A COMMUNITY IN SERVICE TO THE WORLD. Are we seeking the light of Christ AND in service, or seeking the light BY service, to the world? Yes! Yes we are BOTH!

Yes to both, yes to all of the above. Trinity has a long history of being in service to Pensacola, to community and to the world through service and missions,   Some people best experience and express their relationship with God by service projects and missions – that’s why we need service outlets! Just gathering together to be a community, a fellowship, is good, but it’s not enough; even better is when that group enables you to grow closer to God and to together by serving others. At Trinity we expect you to grow BY service, IN service, TOWARD service … and so we must always offer ways to serve.

We are a community that lives out the compassion and caring of Christ. Trinity’s mission field is the world -- be it service around the world or next door.

A community of WITNESS - spreading the light of Christ
A community of FELLOWSHIP – sheltering, nurturing and caring for children of God
A community of WORSHIP – glorifying and praising God together
A community of DISCIPLESHIP - seeking the truth, sharing the truth, growing in truth
A community of SERVICE – exhibiting God’s kingdom of justice and righteousness on earth.

OUR MISSION:  We exist to love God, to love neighbor, to make disciples, and to make a difference.