Purpose & Values

We are called to love God, to love people, to make disciples, and to make a difference.

we love god

We love God because God first loved us. We show our love and glorify God through worship and service in God’s name. We praise God for who God is and thank God for what God does.

we love people

We develop sincere and lasting relationships between Christians of all ages. We build up one another to Christian maturity. We train members and their children for ministry and service to others.

we make disciples

We help people meet, know, and become more like Jesus. We help people to mature in Christian beliefs, character, values and conduct.

we make a difference

We use our God-given abilities and resources to make a difference in our church, community, and world. We become responsible Christians, equipped to do God’s kingdom work and to be a Christlike influence wherever we go.

Our Core Values

Core values are spiritual underpinnings that inspire us to take action. These core values state what is important to us in our relationships and ministries.

In all things, whether success or failure, we trust the Father's love, the grace of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.