Christian Education

Our Mission Statement

We offer all ages and backgrounds opportunities to learn and experience the Christian faith and develop the habits of discipleship.

Our Sunday School Classes start at 9:15AM, Sunday mornings

Adult Classes

The Serendipity Class meets in Room D and studies a variety of topics, including books of the Bible, theology, and Christian living. 

The Gap Class meets in Room 11 and is taught by Jack Lurton. They dive deep into Scripture and will rotate between Old and New Testament books. 

Homebuilders is designed for parents and enjoys wrestling with the difficult questions of faith and will use a variety of curriculums. 


Children and Youth classes meet in the Activities Building. 

3 and 4 Year Olds, Room 9

Kindergarten - 5th Grade, Room 20


The Middle School class meets in Room 22.

Senior High class meets in Room 26.  


We offer Confirmation for our 8th grade students. This is an opportunity for a young person to confirm their interest in and commitment to the church. This semester-long course allows students to dive deeper into the Christian faith, the Reformed tradition, and what it means to be a member of Christ's church. 

Students are assigned a mentor who will walk with them through the process and help them write their Statement of Faith. If you have questions, please contact Hugh Hamilton at