Joining Trinity

Becoming a Member

Why Join?

Belonging  to a local church is vital to your spiritual development.  God created us to be in relationship with God and others, not to live in isolation.  Together we live out the Christian faith, bolster one another, and combine our spiritual gifts in serving God's Kingdom.  We help each other to grow as a followers of Christ and do  work of the church. 


How Do I Join? 

You join by one of three ways:   1) By Profession of Faith if you've never joined a church.  2) By  Transfer of Letter from a church that will dismiss you to us.  3) By Reaffirmation of Faith if you are coming from a church that does not dismiss you to congregations outside their denomination, if you've been away from your former church for extended time, or similar scenarios.    You meet with our Elders after worship in the Pastor's office and are received into our fellowship.  A simple process and a loving reception into our church family. 
We recommend that all potential members take part in DISCOVER TRINITY, our New Member Class.  In four sessions you'll learn about the Presbyterian tradition and our particular beliefs. You'll learn about Trinity's history and where we hope to go. The class is a great way to meet our pastors and learn if Trinity will become your church home.


What Happens after I Join?

We assign you a mentor who will show you around Trinity and introduce you to our members, ministries, and activities .  Perhaps over  coffee or lunch, or at a church event, they can share  their experience and opportunities that will interest you and put you in touch with those groups. 



Discover Trinity - Join Our Church Family.





NEXT OFFERING:  Date To Be Announced

Class 1:   Who Are We and Why Join Us?

 Discover Trinity’s character, mission, vision, goals, core values, and basic beliefs.

Class 2:   What Makes Us Presbyterians Different?

Discover our Presbyterian Heritage, hallmarks, and essential beliefs.

Class 3:   A Personal Relationship with Christ and His Church.

 Discover how to enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus and our church family; how the sacraments enrich our shared life; how to join Trinity; our expectations of members.