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Welcoming and Discipleship Team

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Welcoming and Discipleship

We welcome visitors and encourage them to become members.  We reach out to members who are not currently active and we provide avenues that help both visitors and members develop a stronger personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Positions and Activities

  • Ambassadors - Men, women and youth who actively seek out and greet first time and returning visitors before and after the worship service.  They focus on asking all visitors feel welcome and let them know we are glad he chose to visit TPC.
  • Information Booth - Team members staff the information booth in the Narthex and give "goody bags" to first time visitors who share contact information.
  • Mentors - New memebers are paired with TPC members who have similar interests and family dynamics for 2 - 3 months.  During this time the mentor helps the new member get acclimated and involved in Church activities.
  • Study Groups - research and implement Church wide study programs, e.g. 40 days of Purpose.
  • Name Badges - Names badges for all members are coordinated by Welcoming and Discipleship.
  • Attendance - Using the fellowship pads in the pews, attendance is noted and embers who have been absent for 4-6 weeks are contacted by team members to make sure all is well.  Once a year the rolls are examined and individuals who have moved away, found another church, etc. are given a new status.
  • Social Media - An informative and dynamic web site lets visitors and members navigate the numerous progras available at TPC.



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