Rev. Brian Yount leads us in a short devotion and time of prayer

by Brian Yount on May 13, 2020

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Pastor Brian Yount delivers a message for our “Praying in Exile” series at Trinity Presbyterian Church. He shares that Psalm 29 is a poem about the staggering majesty of God’s power over everything. Before we can understand what’s happening around us, we need to know what’s happening beyond us. His message is meant to encourage us to "see beyond." Even in the midst of trails and raging storms, God is still in control. May you sense the abiding presence of our Lord as we worship together in prayer and song.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What things in nature produce awe in you? What do they show you about God?
  2. How should faith in Christ affect the way we face the frightening power of life’s storms and other potentially dangerous things?
  3. How does our view of God’s unchanging and perfect goodness affect the way we look at what’s happening around us?
  4. What are some of your fears this evening? How does worship transform those fears?


"Come In (Psalm 24:7)" by The Ramp
© 2011 The Ramp Music
From the album “Ascend- Prayer Instrumentals”
“Let My Heart Be Quiet” by Heather Schopf
Published by Shawnee Press
“Still in Control” by Mack Brock
© 2019 Capital Christian Music Group, Inc.
From the Early Release Album “Covered”

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