Rev. Hugh Hamilton leads us in a short devotion and time of prayer

by Hugh Hamilton on June 03, 2020

Why are you in despair, O my soul, and why are you disquieted with me?  – Psalm 42

Are you discouraged by the slow progress against the COVID-19 pandemic?  Do you ever get down in the dumps and need a pep talk, need some answers, need a change?  Do you ever doubt God and then feel guilty for doubting the very God who has helped you, can help you? 

Welcome to the club! Welcome to Psalm 42 – King David laments that the God he trusts now seems distant; his parched soul is thirsty unto death for a cup of life-giving water.

The Apostle Paul said we can endure all things in Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). King David affirms that with God on our side we can overcome all things, even when it seems things have gotten the best of us. God is our rock, our refuge, our water in the time of spiritual drought. 

The Psalmist’s pep talk with his soul can help us to work through a gut check, conduct a reality check, and kick start our confidence in God.   


  1. When have you doubted God, felt disappointed in God, complained to God?
  2. How did the psalmist feel about not being able to worship God in His sanctuary? (v1-4)
  3. What sentiment introduces this psalm? (42:1-4)
  4. The psalmist chastises himself for feeling blue, then forces himself to remember God’s goodness and actions on his behalf in the past. When and how has God helped you?
  5. How do those memories encourage you, and how might you “put your hope in the Lord” the next time you feel discouraged?

Tags: praying in exile, trinity devotions