Palm Sunday

Jesus will not let us gaze beyond the fence and feel superior or inferior in comparison to others, nor remain complacent fence-sitters,. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. Jesus pull us back across the fence to look within ourselves, inside our own fences, and deal with what needs be changed for the better; recognizing that Jesus can and will help us to change.

The next few Sundays we will explore God’s work through the travels and teachings of Jesus as he moves toward Jerusalem and his crucifixion. You cannot remain the same when Jesus encounters you. His love changes you and compels you to follow him and his example. Jesus resolutely sets his face to go to Jerusalem and the cross that awaits him there, because he is committed to fulfilling God's will, God's plan of salvation, and because he loves us. No obstacles will deter him from his commitment. Without committing ourselves to face the cross and the fact that our sin cost Jesus his life, we can;t comprehend the price of our sin, nor the glory of God's steadfast love for us!

How May We Love Our Enemies?

The light of Christ reached outsiders far beyond what his followers expected, and Christ calls us to share His light in the dark places of our world as well as in our own hearts. Christ's call to discipleship is freeing, indeed, but it is also challenging! How may we love our enemies?

A Higher Road to Happiness


Your Calling, Your Service

Outsiders Become Insiders

Not Far From the Kingdom of God

Love God, love your neighbor, and you exhibit the kingdom of God.