Volunteer Opportunities

Trinity Presbyterian church

Where am I needed?  Where do I fit in?  Where do my passion and talents match others' needs?  What service may I render to God's kingdom through Trinity?  How does my giving advance the mission and ministries at Trinity?  Where is God calling me to serve?  Who will help me do that?

Friends, below you will find teams, programs, initiatives, services, dreams and purposes that will help expand your understanding of who we are, what we do, and why we do it, as we fulfill our mission:  "To grow disciples of Jesus Christ, to meet human needs and to glorify God."  We pursue our mission in order to realize our vision of Trinity:  A Community Of Faith Seeking And Sharing The Light of Christ In Service To The World.

Connect, Care and Serve

Trinity has a lasting legacy of service to our community and to the world!  Your financial gifts and volunteerism sustain the myriad things we accomplish, and they glorify God, witnessing to our members and our community that God's love and compassion, justice, mercy, strength and power, are at work in and through the people of Trinity!

Service Team

coordinates our ministries to those in the local community who are in need in distress, or need assistance to overcome life's challenges.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Please contact one of our pastors, Hugh Hamilton, , or Brian Yount, .  

Children's Ministry

oversees the discipleship and learning of our children about the Bible and our Father, Son and Holy Spirit. "Let the children come to me...." Matt. 10:14.

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Fellowship and Nurture

The Greek word for fellowship, koinonia, denotes a relationship, a partnership, connectedness, a shared life. Christian fellowship develops deeply committed relationships rooted in God, connect in Christ, based in trust, evident in acts of love...

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Congregational Care

The mission of the Congregational Care team is to recognize and assist in meeting the needs of our members and with God's help, respond with Christian love and compassion.

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Outreach Team

This team strives to serve Trinity Presbyterian Church and God through outreach to various mission opportunities worldwide by offering support, prayer and awareness.

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