Wednesday Nights at Trinity

Wednesday Night Suppers

Wednesday Night Suppers are a long-standing tradition at Trinity Presbyterian church, an arena for fellowship and growing together as a family of faith. The relationships built around a shared meal are integral to our faith development and growing as the body of Christ. Wednesday nights also give the opportunity to study together and meet in small groups. We hope that Wednesday Night suppers will become part of your weekly routine, and if you are a first-time guest, your dinner is on us!


Dinner  5:30-6:15  Activities Center 

Adult Groups

Men's Room 6:15-7:30 Church Parlor
Chocolate Lovers Small Group 6:15-7:15 Room D
Mitzi's Class 6:15-7:15 Room 11
Hugh's Special Offerings 6:15-7:15 Room 10
Adult Choir 7:15-8:30 Choir Room

Children and Youth Activities

Children's Music 6:15-7:15 Children's Church Room
Mid & Sr. Highs  6:15-7:15 Youth Rooms


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